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December 28, 2010



Thanks for the informative and accurate post. I was having problems printing from my iPad to bonjour-connected printers via Printopia (printers could not be discovered) with an MI424WR...after disabling the 802.11b support, the printers are now visible to all apps.

Happy New Year!.

Nicholas Furness

Wow. Great bit of info there! I stumbled across this while trying to set up wide-area bonjour through my FIOS router (can't be hard, but I'm looking for the single-click solution...).

Lo-and-behold, this fixed an issue I spotted last night when I upgraded all my iOS devices to 4.2 and couldn't see my AirPlay speakers unless I switched to my secondary Time Capsule network.

Great stuff! Thank you.


Thanks! Worked great.


After pulling an all-nighter SCOURING the Net for a solution to this problem, all I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It worked like a charm! Seriously, I just exhaled the hugest of sigh of relief of my life! Again, THANK YOU!!!

government technology event

Wow. Great bit of info there! I stumbled across this while trying to set up wide-area bonjour through my FIOS router and thank you for hardwork.

Bob Pearson

Great idea! I am a phone support agent and this has been an ongoing issue. I will, if I may, quote it in my web page with some of the other workarounds we have found.


Wow, I could NOT find the answer to my problem, but disabling b/g did the trick!

Thanks for the solution, especially the update.

Frank Saia

This is the only thing that worked! I had trouble with both printing and connecting my wireless devices to airplay and it now all works great! It is always those simple fixes that work best...

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