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July 17, 2009


Haig Evans-Kavaldjian

Yes, I have some similarly stupid and bizarre transcriptions. Fortunately it seems to do much better with very short, very simple messages, so I have taken to calling and leaving To Do notes for myself, which Google Voice then dutifully transcribes and sends to me by SMS. Voila, voice to text, and a nice self-reminder system.


Haig, that's a great idea! I just updated the post above to include my GV number, so others can leave messages that will hopefully baffle the transcription service with amusing outcomes. "Did with crickets" indeed!


Hahha I found this post quite amusing. I actually found this using google voice search on my G1 phone. I was frustrated with google voice not understanding me and I have an american accent. So I said stupid google voice which it surprisingly understood your post was the first thing in the search!!! -Angelina


I mentioned this page @ http://thepragmaticeconomist.blogspot.com/2009/08/google-voice-and-area-code-snobbery.html

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if i call from google voice number to someone (talk on my cell) do they take my min?

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What words or phrases would you type in Google to find a transcription service?
Imagine if you were looking for a website that offered transription services (taking your audio files and typing everything that is said into a Word document), what would you type into Google to find it?

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