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August 02, 2008


Graham G

I am having the exact same issue - I would love to hear how it is resolved.



I'll continue posting updated here, Graham!


I am having the same problem, too.


This product is ABSOLUTELY terrible!!!
Rather than pay Mozy for no service- maybe they should pay us for
helping them fix MULTIPLE problems before releasing this garbage.
I have had NO responses from customer support. Sorry, I have a life
and don't want to beta test a product that is already out there as
a solution at a "hot price" for us Mac users.
Westport, CT




Well, I also have the same issue.
It started few weeks ago.

It seems to only occur when I have an external HDD connected to the mac though.

Anyway please keep us updated with your findings.


OK, After a looooong weekend of trying things out I manage to get mine working!!!!!

This error had been annoying me for few weeks already, so this weekend I got tired of waiting for a new version and I set myself to get this thing working (I should note that Mozy had been previously working for me since April when I purchased a Unlimited account until few weeks ago).

After many tries, reinstalls, reboots, repairing permissions, etc..; all with no luck, I decided to start from zero and go step by step. I wanted to check if this was related to my acccount or the software itself, so I created a new free Mozy account (I have an unlimited one) and set it to backup just a few files (from the internal hdd and an external one). And hey it worked!!!

So I kept trying few different things until I noticed that on the Mozy configuration screen, The Backup Sets feature never finished searching for files. I left the Mac over 2 hours there and still some of the items (like Microsoft word documents, Dave game me a clue here) where still searching.

So anyway, after reverting back to my old account (the not working unlimited one) and disabling some of the backup sets (the ones hanging there for ages) and manually selecting the files on the "Files and Folders" tab. The backup is working now.

So my advice to you is to disable the backup sets that you don't need (or all of them) and manually select the files or folder where you keep them, and give that a try. I can't promise anything but it worked for me.

Otherwise you can try with a free account (maybe when I changed accounts something got reseted) and see how it goes.

I hope this helps.

PS: I will email mozy with a detailed version of my findings to see if it is of any help to them on fixing this issue on a new version of the software.


Thanks, Borja! I'll give this a try to see if it might snap things into place!

Ack. This didn't work for me, Borja. Back to the drawing board...


I'm having the same issue. A Mozy service rep suggested I delete ./Library/Application Support/Mozy/cache.db and try again. After deleting the file and restarting my Mac, Mozy has been "scanning for files" for almost six hours and the new cache.db file is over 350MB in size now. But there's no indication that it's close to being finished or that file transfer will begin any time soon.

I'd been running Mozy successfully on OS 10.4.x since last November; it was after I upgraded to Leopard 10.5.4 last week that the problem started occurring for me. Wonder if its a Leopard/Mozy issue?

If I get any help from Mozy, I'll post it back here.

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