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April 29, 2008


Jamie Jones


Go Team Cheesemeister!!


I'm afraid she only has eyes for Matthew Pinsent


Shame there isn't a champions league game at old trafford tonight.

Leonardo Bertozzi

You're damn right.

Carol Cheese GODDESS


There also isn't a wikipedia page for her either!


there was a page...but it seems to have been deleted :(

she's so funny, i love reading along with the live text commentary. and i love that i googled her name and found this. hahaha.

this is me officially joining Team Cheesemeister!!


Are you serious? She knows very little about sport and is very very slow at updating with footy scores as far as I can see.


@LW: *sigh* You cannot diminish my admiration of the Cheese with misplaced criticisms and petty squabbles about timing. Quality takes time to percolate.

Not that I've ever noticed any undue slowness anyway...

Mark J Daniels

It's a shame her Wikipedia page has been deleted!


Caroline Cheese rocks! She does know her footy, but its her witticisms, quips, and asides that make her text commentaries so damn entertaining !

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