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October 24, 2007



Hi Dave,

So, what were your reasons to buy a print router/server? I have 2 machines at home and just run the print command through the "share printer" setting from the main desktop that is connected to the printer (and always on - hey, it's a Mac, so no need to shut down, right?).

By the way, how much do print routers cost? I think I was originally dissuaded from getting one since I had my own free workaround.


You gave the reason in your comment, Rob -- keeping a machine on all the time just to print stuff! I'd been doing that for years and realized that the machine in question (a Windows desktop) was being kept on for that reason alone, which was a waste of power and created additional "fan noise" in my office. The print server cost $80 from Best Buy; I could've got it cheaper elsewhere, I'm sure, but I needed a replacement fast.


Do you still have access to the multifunction features of a printer using this (and OS X)?


No, unfortunately not. Getting MFC features through a print server is a total kludge -- and a Windows-only one, at that. For me, it's not a huge loss; I just unhook the printer from the server and plug it into my MacBook, which does the rest. I don't know of any hardware that allows OSX to utilize MFC features remotely. And why would you want to? If you're scanning something, you need to be by the printer anyway!


Well. I did as you said and returned the Linksys print server (which I couldn't get to work at all from my Macs, only my PCs (but the mutlifunction features worked great)).

I purchased the D-Link DPR-1260. It took me 4 days, but I eventually got it to print... but only when I downgrade the firmware of the print server to 1.12 (I read online another gentleman who has the same printer (Canon Pixma MP830) who could only get it to print after the firmware downgrade (where I got the idea from)).

I tried D-Link tech support (which was a joke... even though I told them I was a network engineer they still stuck me with tier 1 support who wasted 1/2 trying to read manuals and telling me how to reconfigure my network so that I could see the print server setup screen (even after I told him 100 times that I had my network configured correctly and could log into the setup screens just fine... sigh) After that I finally got pushed up to tier 2, waited for 25 minutes on hold, got the guy on the phone and was disconnected 2 minutes later while he was talking. At that point I gave up on tech support (frustrated and unhappy).

Unfortunately I can't use any multifunction features (not even from my PCs). I'm wondering if I should send this one back too... not only is it slow to print, but its obviously very buggy and tech support does not seem very reliable. I just wish there was another product out there I could rely on that worked for both Macs and PCs (if anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to chime in :). And no, I do not need wireless... I turned that feature off, although it is nice to have in case I ever move the printer).


Sorry you had such a torrid time, Jeff! The firmware on mine is the latest version (1.21) and has worked perfectly the entire time I've had it. The only complaint you'll hear from me is that it doesn't support the multifunction features of my printer through the Mac. I haven't tried to do this with my PCs because...well, because I try to avoid them as much as possible and can easily forgo the minor convenience.

Certainly the support available from Linksys and, apparently, D-Link for Mac users is pretty awful. The world assumes everyone's a Windows user, sadly.

If you'd like some specific support with the print server, though, send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to try and help.



Hi all,

I read that someone is able to print from a shared printer on the DLink dpr1260, my printer is Canon mp180. I am able to print from a Window XP PC, but I am not able to actually install the printer on a Mac OS X. Can someone give me the actual step do be able to install the shared printer on the Mac and print. Maybe use the multifonction stuff to



I just posted step-by-step instructions on how to get the print server working for OSX users, here.

Routers have come a long time in the last few years it's amazing how much they've changed.


Hi Dave - I just found the post "HOWTO: Configure a Linksys WPS54G wireless print server on Mac OSX" and it worked like a charm. Thanks for posting it. I got the Linksys PS from a friend so I am using it as long as I can and hopefully it doesn't give me any trouble.

Thanks again

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