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June 05, 2007


Striker Flux

Don't swear by anything b/c if your model does not appear in the scroll box... good luck to you. You'll be lucky if you can actually find the driver needed from the company's web site, or at all.


You're quite right! If your printer name isn't available in the drop down in Step 6 of the above procedure, you may have trouble. Canon, for example, has drivers available to download for their IJ series of printers but they are not available in that drop-down, for some reason. I guess they assume that people will used them through USB, and not through a print server, which is so short-sighted I can hardly believe it.

Jeremy Campbell

I agree. Attempting to run it on a multi-OS wifi network. My PC, I had this server up and running in minutes with an HP OfficeJet 5610. Works perfect. But with Mac's, the printer doesn't come up in the drop down list and all I get is the infamous: "Network host ...... is busy, down or unreachable; will try again in 30 seconds".

No one at HP, LinkSys OR Mac can help in anyway shape or form. Useless.


> all I get is the infamous: "Network host ...... is busy, down or unreachable;
> will try again in 30 seconds"

Well at least I know I'm not the only one getting this result. I too followed Dave's steps without success. And my situation was complicated as well by the fact that my HP PCS 1310 series printer was not showing up in the list of printers. However, I solved that problem by installing a print driver from the Linux Foundation. A good description of installation the print driver is here


for the HP 1310 series, or here


for all others.

After doing that, I was able to follow Dave's 11 steps and find my printer in the list, but unfortunately, the result is the same: the "Network host... 30 seconds" error message.

I can ping my print server, in my case, so it's not that it's unreachable. I'm a new Mac user; is there some sort of firewall port I might need to open?

Anyone have any suggestions?


So it appears that there's no sure-fire way of making this work consistently!

I doubt it's a firewall issue...

Robert Schulte

Ditto here. While my Mac will communicate withe print server, when I try to print anything from any program, I get one page of gobblegook and endless blank pages sptting from the printer.

Any ideas, o knowledgeable ones?



thx man, works great with my mac.

This assumes that you have set up the print server with its wireless settings and a static IP address.

what if i have not set up the ip? is there any way to do that on leopard (10.5.3)?


I believe it works if you do the following (though I haven't tried it to confirm):
1. Connect your Mac to the print server directly using an Ethernet cable
2. Turn your Airport card off
3. Open a browser and try to access That will hopefully open the print server configuration screen where you can enter a static IP address of your choice.


Hi all,

Finally, after few hour and many head ache I could make it work.

Will be necessary to access to the Print Server through web browser inserting its IP address (better using wired connecction, not wifi) and changing to ASCII mode instead of binary under Protocol >> AppleTalk tab. Of course, under Status tab AppleTalk checkbox should be enabled.

Set a new printer with AppleTalk under System Preferences >> Printer and Faxes and selecting Local AppleTalk Zone. On the list box will appear the Print Server as a PostScript printer. Select and select your printer in the drop down list below.

This worked to me with a WPS54G and a Samsung ML 2010R printer.


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