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May 01, 2007



I'd encourage you to post them either via SlideShare or Splashcast. Although both tools allow you to embed the slideshow in your blog, SlideShare gives you the power to enable downloading the original file.


There are likely a few types of analysis that one could conduct. CBA is one. I mentioned to you that when working for a grantee, I actually conducted a simple Multi-Attribute Utility Analysis (MAUT), which I think was worthwhile to drive people to make a decision.


I posted my portion of my slides on Slideshare (see here) but it's up to Grantium to post the complete deck. :-)

On MAUT or CBA: The key objective, I think, is to operate and make decisions based on facts and not conjecture. Too many IT decisions are driven my heresay, and this is especially rife in grants management.

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