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April 19, 2005



Government grants are known to benefit the business house to translate the start up into a high profit solvent business house. The publications are innumerable however procuring Government grants is primarily limited to not for profit organizations which are known to provide services and benefits for the community at large.

The provision of a Grant needs an enormous amount of research and assimilation of resources which could well be the modality of procuring of Government Grants.

The Government Grant provision federal agencies could well be applied to by using this electronically mediated agency. The different options available could well be identified and utilized. In contrast the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance could well be accessed to identify and utilize the diverse grants and assistance available for Government Grants.

The concurrent option being to identify and access the topic areas site which would provide information on eligibility requirements and help evaluate as to whether the potential grant seeker meets the requisite qualifications for applying for the Government Grant.


I'm not entirely sure that this comment can be parsed as English, but it resembles it enough for me not to delete it. Note, please, that this blog isn't a poster board for "We can help you win government grants!" type organizations. As it's possible that the site noted above may be helpful to others, however, I'll leave it up for now.

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